Projects and Funding


Enhancing Human Abilities and Social Interaction in Context-Aware Pervasive XR

UofC–KAIST Workshop on the Future of eXtended Reality

University of Calgary Start-up Funding


A Survey of Physically Plausible Virtual Interactions in XR

Developing Realistic On-Farm Experience in VR

Increasing Social Presence with a Virtual Agent using a Physically Interactive Robotic Unit

Investigating the Effects of Vibrotactile Feedback in Immersive VR Safety Training

Applied Machine Learning for Social Development of Children with Autism

Augmented Reality Agents with Pervasive Awareness, Appearance, and Abilities

Enhanced Perception and Cognition in Augmented Reality

Human-Surrogate Interaction

3D Display and Capture of Humans for Live-Virtual Training

Development of Experience Tour Technology based on Mobile Mixed Reality

Virtual Culture Reproduction by Augmented Reality Technology