Press & Media

  • "The Economics of Augmented Reality," Student Podcast by Fabian Bolze, Peter-Jessé Müller, and Muharrem Metehan Kartal, Berlin Institute of Technology | Jul 15, 2020 (Link)

  • "UCF researchers use augmented reality to give medical students hands-on training," on ABC WFTV News Channel 9 | Jul 25, 2019 (Link)

  • "UCF Study Finds People Avoid Virtual Humans in Real World," by Robert Wells, UCF Today | June 6, 2019 (Link)

  • "UCF 'human surrogate' research seeks more interactive robots," by Marco Santana, Orlando Sentinel | Mar 18, 2016 (Link)

  • "Researchers find that virtual reality can change real world behavior," by Tom Johnson, Fox 35 News | Feb 25, 2016. (Link)

WFTV News Channel 9 (2019-07-25)

ISMAR 2018: Embodied AR Agent

ISMAR 2018: ISMAR Survey

Fox 35 (2016-02-25)

Orlando Sentinel (2016-03-18)

Embodied Virtual Agent (AR-IoT Alexa)

ISMAR 2018: Supplementary

Brekel vs. Vicon Tracking Test

RoboThespian Test

Face Tracking Test

Mobile AR Application (Maxst)

AR Heritage Guide Application (Hanyang Univ.)