Internships / Visiting Research

  • Army Research Laboratory-West (ARL-W), Playa Vista, CA, USA | May–Aug 2018

    • Facebook Inc.’s Oculus, Redmond, WA, USA | Jun–Sep 2017

    • UX Research Intern

    • Universal Creative, Universal Parks & Resorts, Orlando, FL, USA | Feb–May 2017

    • University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand | Jan–Mar 2010

      • Visiting Graduate Student at the HITLabNZ

      • Advisors: Mark Billinghurst, Ph.D. and Adrian Clark, Ph.D.

      • Researched fast planar image detection/tracking/registration.

      • Researched/Developed texture-less object tracking using color-histogram descriptors and 3D models.

    • Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Gwangju, S. Korea | Jun–Aug 2008

      • Undergraduate Research Intern at the Ubiquitous Virtual Reality (UVR) Lab (currently in KAIST)

      • Advisors: Woontack Woo, Ph.D. and Choonsung Shin, Ph.D.

      • Researched the concept of ubiquitous computing and virtual reality (physical-virtual connectivity).

      • Developed “Mixed calendar board”—a schedule manager shared in real and virtual spaces.